We provide a portfolio of emergency services and other initiatives that lead to self reliance to over 35,000 under-resourced persons in 6 counties. With an administrative cost of 5%, we manage $35 million from 300 community partners. 15 member boards, 250 employees and 1400 volunteers work on our mission; strengthening communities by creating opportunities to impact poverty.

Monetary Need

-Match money for individual development accounts.
-Scholarship money or women who are going back to school or apprenticeship programs
-Money to purchase protein food for our Food bank
-Barrier removal funds – There are always items and issues that don’t fall within regular funding streams that could help someone overcome a barrier to self sufficiency. We need a source of funds to pay for them.

Material Need

-Food for our food bank.

Volunteers needed at this time. Please email Nancy Hess at

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