Flemington Area Food Pantry

Founded in 1982, the Flemington Area Food Pantry provides food to over 1,280 qualified families in Hunterdon County. Families include people you know – seniors living alone, veterans in need, the working poor, those challenged by illness or affected by unemployment, and those who find themselves homeless. The common denominator for all is an insufficient income to purchase a daily necessity – food.

Monetary Need

Over 90% of funding comes from individuals in this community and corporate grant awards. Your donation will have a direct impact on the amount and type of food purchased affecting the Pantry’s ability to provide fresh produce and protein for each visit.

Material Need

Staffed by 90+ volunteers, the Pantry is continuously in need of fresh and frozen food items in addition to person care products. Non-perishables foods as cereal, tuna and soups are always welcome. To donate any of the above items, please call 908-788-5568.

Volunteers needed. Called 908-996-6463. 

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